Photographing in Skrova


8 members of Narvik Kameraklubb (the local photo club in Narvik) went on a weekend trip to Skrova in late October 2013.

A reportage written in Norwegian can be found here.

The island of Skrova is located at 68.1673°N 14.6606°E, and the best way to get there is by driving to the town of Svolvær, and taking a 30 minute ferry ride.

The population of 200+ is concentrated on the west side of the island, and this is where the roads are located. There are a few km of drivable roads – enough to make it convenient to bring the car over on the ferry.

We stayed at “Skrova Rorbuer“.

Skrova Rorbuer

Arriving late Friday, we didn’t do much in the way of photography before Saturday morning. Being mostly overcast, magic light was not in abundance.

Columns, Cairn and Beacon

I spent most of Saturday experimenting and getting a feel of the place.

Cairn Zoom

Lady Rust


Skrova is probably one of the few places that exhibit photographs in a tunnel. A very good exhibition titled “Tunnelsyn” (Tunnel Vision) with historical photographs from the island. Back in the day, Skrova used to be filled with several thousand fishermen during the fishing season.

Tunnel Vision

Sunday started out as another gray day, but it changed into clear blue sky with sparse clouds. All together more inspiring with ample supply of light and shadow.

Sunlit Cairn

Skrova Marina I

Drying Flake

Even if the weather by no means was very harsh during our stay, this is undoubtedly a very windy place. The month of October brings temperatures close to freezing, and the more or less constant wind makes wind and water resistant clothing a must. The highest points on the island may not be suitable for the act of standing up, much less taking pictures with tripods – even without being close to anything resembling a storm.

All in all an enjoyable, if somewhat cold experience.